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D1.2 Play Pathway – Hamster Cage Project

After the personal project based around festivals which acted as a round up of all we had learnt in the first 6 weeks on the course, the projects we started to be given became more focused on teaching us something about each of the pathways on the course.

The D1.2 project pathway was based around looking at mundane everyday tasks and seeing how we as budding young designers could make that task more interesting or enjoyable in some way, to make the way we interact with our surroundings a little more playful.

The brief and aims for the project were as follows:


You are asked to find a mundane, routine human activity/ task which focuses around a ‘product’ use in activities of daily living, in order to enhance the activity by designing a product concept which features playfulness. The idea is to become aware of possibilities to improve everyday life through design, and also add value to it.You may find a ‘mundane routine’ almost anywhere/ everywhere from personal hygiene to home security. It may be improving an existing product, or creating a new concept.

Aims (My interpretation):

“My aim for this project is to design or alter the design or a product so that it encourages the user to file and organise their personal paperwork more frequently and more efficiently. By approaching this area of mundane tasks i will hopefully make the task of filing and organising more fun and in turn ease areas of their lifestyle through being more organised.”

The slides below show the progress of this project from start to completion’s:

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During this project i found i learnt a lot about different areas of design and that through learning about them progressed a far amount. When i say this im talking mainly about my ideas development as this was one of the first projects id done where i tried to keep atleast 3 main ideas running simultaneously throughout, only choosing the one to develop into the final stages at the last possible moment. By doing this i was able to bounce these ideas off of one another and make sure the project maintained momentum and didnt become stale or end up trapping myself with a dead end idea. It was also in this project that my CAD skills came on a lot with me finally being able to use “3D studio max” to a level at which i could produce something as i wanted it to look with relatively few problems. It is these CAD models that are possibly the things i am most proud about in this project.