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Week Two: Personal Project- Festivals

This project was our first proper chance to design what we wanted to design so long as it was related to “Festivals” in some way and involved elements from all of the mini projects we had done before that.

This is the brief i set myself for the project:

“Festivals are a celebration and acknowledgment of many different areas of society, community and culture. Those who attend them go there to have a good time and for many this often means putting a whole weekend aside to enjoy their favourite bands or sample all the different culinary experiences the world has to offer on one bank holiday weekend. The majority of the time these festivals take place in fields which for all but the most privileged of people means camping. One problem that many people experience at these festivals that deprives them from fully enjoying themselves is how to keep their valuables safe and piece of mind at ease whilst they are out enjoying what they have often paid a lot of money to go and experience.

As a result of this the aim for this project is to produce a device or solution to the problem of keeping all different types of festival goer’s at all different types of overnight festivals, valuables and possessions safe. Be this whilst they are away from their campsite or sleeping

The solution must be able to protect the users or a number of user’s valuables from the threat of theft, weather damage, fire damage and physical damage. It must also be portable but not easily steal able and built well enough so that it provides piece of mind to the users.”

Whilst doing the project i tried to make my thought processes and reasoning a clear as possible through what i actually put down on my sketchbook page. As a result of this i think the pictures of my work speak a lot for themselves as far as showing how i went about completing the project:

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Overall i enjoyed the freedom of this project in comparison to the last 5 mini ones but still felt like i was very much being channelled towards a certain type of result. Hopefully as time goes on and i become more experimental in my work ill be surprised a little more along the way.



Yorkshire Sculpture Park

At some point between our final mini project our first major project we visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The reason for this was to improve/test our observation and drawings skills alongside making us think more about meaning through form and the emotional responses people have to forms and materials.

The main exhibition at the park on the day we went was by “David Nash”, a sculptor who uses almost only wood in some truly amazing ways. i really enjoyed nearly all his work along with the sculpture park in general. i hadn’t been to a place like it before and found it great to just explore the place without knowing what strange or stunning creation i would find around the next corner.

The following picture is of the sketches of Nash’s work i did whilst at the park:

Week Two: Project Five- Systems and Processes

Last one of the mini project that took place within the first two weeks. This was a group project that introduced the idea of sustainability to the class. We were taught how the processes and production methods we used were just as, if not more important than the final design we produce. The reason behind this being that our planets resources are running out and the only way we can hope to be successful or taken seriously later on in our careers is if we start to build aspects of sustainability into our work now.

The group i was in was given the task of designing a system of manufacture and distribution for a line of student furniture. We could design the furniture ourselves to help keep in in line with being sustainable  and so came up with the idea of using furniture that had interchangeable parts so that if one element broke the whole product didn’t need to be replaced thus meaning less materials where wasted, less petrol and man hours were used transporting the new furniture to the place of residence and the whole system of repairing the furniture was sped up as the student would easily be able to do it themselves. To give students a bit of incentive to use the scheme an upgrades system was also introduced which involved good grades being converted into tariff points that could be used to get better furniture parts for their accomadation.

Overall i thought the scheme worked well and would have been interested in seeing how well it worked in practice however it was all just theoretical. Learning about sustainability is something that will stick with me and i have continued to think about in different amounts throughout all my later projects as i feel it is an interesting and important element of the design process.

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Week One: Project Four- Packaging

Another two day project in which our perceptions of what a material could do where challenged when we were tasked with choosing an everyday product and then redesigning its packaging to give it more visual prowess on the shelf. By doing this we were learning about how we could catch the attention of our intended audience whilst at the same time taking a material we already knew well (card and paper) and thinking of new and interesting way in which we could use it.

I chose to re design the package for Chilli’s, something that usually is just stuck in a plastic bag with a sticker on it, doing it no justice at all. the package i designed looked like a massive chilli and when opened looked like an explosion to emphasise/show the explosion of flavour that was contained within.

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Week One: Project Three- Association and Audiences

The idea behind this 3rd project was to look into how certain products appeal to certain people and how as a budding young designer, i can design my products to appeal to these different groups. For example products aimed at children generally use bright colourful plastics aimed at stimulating their sense of play thus encouraging them to learn and be interested by it at their young age, whereas products designed to be aimed at young professionals may be made from more up market materials such as metal and wood using clean cut lines and a modern finish to create an air of professionalism.

The project took place over two days. The first, an in class session involved de constructing already existing products to work out what elements within them had been introduced to make them more appealing to their target market.

The second day involved taking what we had already learnt and applying it to our own product. We were tasked with designing a mask that displayed our personality through the style in which we chose for it to look. I did this by listing what i thought were my main traits and then drew what i thought best symbolised them. These were then all combined to create a mask.

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Week One: Project Two- Visualisation

The second project i have had to complete was to do with testing and improving my visualisation skills. I can see the ability to visualise a product or design before it has been put onto paper of modelled in 3D to be a key time saving and creative skill for a designer.
To explore my visualisation skills i was set with the task to produce an animation in which a multitude of random objects morphed into one another in succession. The key use of visualisation coming into play in that we had to imagine the middle stages between each objects without ever having seen them before.
This is how i got on:

I found this project far more interesting and entertaining than the first as i actually got to produce some images and could put some time and effort into how the end product looked.
Was very happy with the end result which surprised me as i have never enjoyed producing animations before.
I feel the project did improve my visualisation skills even if only a little bit…

Week one: First Project- Idea Production

Feels right that the first entry i make into this blog should relate to the first projects ive had to do whilst at Leeds Met. In turn this means that i can log my entire time here from start to finish.

Project one:
The first project ive had to do was all about idea generation and using a system of selecting randomised words to help me to come up with ideas when i am a little stuck. By applying these random words and the characteristics of the objects they relate to, to the design problem i could hopefully approach it from a new angle and progress from there…

The following pictures are the pages of work i did for this first two day project: