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Just what I was Thinking… (D1.4 follow on)

The latter half of my D1.4 project involved me coming up with an idea for a viral advertisement scheme to get the public interested in the idea of them introducing more sustainable processes and plants  into their daily lives. The aim of doing so was to improve the look of their home and local environment with more greenery and in turn show them how easy it can be for them to achieve what they would of done normally but without any thought to how it could of been done in a more environmentally friendly way.

The viral advertisement scheme i came up with was based around the idea of using “green grafitti” to capture peoples imaginations wasn’t brilliant and could of had a lot more thought put into it. However upon searching through the internet i found these great examples of how people are had gone about improving the environments of others through some truly amazing methods and in turn some truly amazing results.

My favourite of the three despite it being the least to do with plants and growth is the second link which is a sort of anti-graffiti in the sense that paint is taken away instead of being applied. The images created by this technique feel ghostly and almost haunting with them seeming to just  emerge out of the wall. This lead to making me think that they would be a great way to advertise my concept as they are subtle but once noticed are very striking and i would imagine if combined with moss growing techniques from the other links, would be very memorable (could even be endorsed by celebrities wanting to further the concept :D)


Re-use and Honesty in Form and Materials

At the moment i have quite a high interest in the idea of re-using materials (particularly stuff that may be a little run down or has some history to it) to make new and interesting products that not only can solve a problem through what they are designed to achieve but also help to solve the problem of material wastage. I say re-use instead of recycle as i think that re-using something as it is not only leads to some more exciting design outcomes but also means that people are more honest with the material and that it is is cared about. Instead of just seen as a bunch of raw components that need to be sorted and re distributed.

The links below i thought were a great example of this being done and thought that what had been produced was actually quite witty and had a humorous side to it. Something id rarely expect from an off the shelf product and even then there would be plenty of others just like it.

LEGO Housing

Found this through a website called Thought it was pretty interesting  and a genius idea but don’t know how much of it i can trust to be as brilliant as they say it is seeing that its a promo video by the company who made it. Despite this i still thinks its a great idea and would enjoy seeing it actually in action.

Growing Art…

Did a fair amount of research into growing plants or foliage of some kind on walls for various reasons. The project is over now but whilst searching through the internet i found this example of a similar thing happening.

All the others uses for growing plants on walls had been for quite practical or natural reasons but this was one of the first and best examples of it being done in the name of art. What the artist has achieved i feel is truly beautiful and the fact it has been done in an old church really adds to the whole magic of walking into a room that nature has been allowed to truly take hold of.

Tiny website…

Thought this website was brilliant and can prove it by how long ive spent trawling through it. All of the examples of shelter or housing that it shows are all ingenious and its obvious a lot of thought has gone into all of them. Great example of design being used to solve tricky situations be it for fun or more serious reasons.

D1.4 Personal Project – Furthering My Concept

After presenting my concept to the class and receiving feedback from both my peers and tutors i was made aware that i should flesh out certain areas of it to make it stand out from the others i had seen. To do this i decided to focus in on the viral scheme element of the concept that was to be used to gather interest in the “Green Scene” project as without people being aware of it’s existence there would be no point in it at all as there would be very little chance it would work.

One of the more interesting ways i see this scheme being advertised is through a viral advertisement program. “The definition of viral marketing or viral advertising is promoting information or products that other customers are compelled to give to other friends, colleagues and family. By definition viral marketing is a way to promote a service or product exponentially. When effectively done one person will give it to several people who in turn will promote it to several other people. This is what makes viral marketing so effective. For instance, if I wrote and e book, and then I forwarded that e-book to 10 people, who in turn forwarded that e-book to 10 people. One hundred people have read that e-book. Now if it is forwarded that same way just four more times ONE MILLION PEOPLE have now read that same e-book. By definition viral marketing gives the consumer something that they can use for free with the intent of gaining that customer to market other products and to create a brand name awareness.”

The way my advertising scheme would work for the concept is that the government would help to fund the short term covering of some of the countries favourite landmarks of iconic buildings with the sustainable processes the concept promotes. Along with the short term covering of buildings some local amenities would also be permanently converted suing the schemes teachings. Examples of what is being suggested can be seen below…

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The aim behind all of these suggestions is to take the public by surprise, make them stop and think about what they’re seeing, maybe take a photo, show their friends, talk about it with their colleagues and to go out and do a bit of research as to why these things have been done. In turn they may think “oh thats a good idea, it would look good in my area, or something similar to it may work in my house or garden”. Once an interest has been taken by the public and a fuss has been made about it the whole concept could be publicly explained so that people can then go out and start implementing what they’ve seen or found out.

Obviously this is all very hopeful and it would take a lot more thinking and money to implement but i feel that something along the lines of a viral advertisement campaign would work to capture the imaginations of all areas of the public and would set the concept up for its highest possibility of success…

Re-thinking materials: Tree-D Printing, Copper Bikes and a Bamboo Car

A couple of the last few modules have taken us as students down the route of looking at materials and processes. The links below will take you to some brilliant pages about how they have managed to make it so that 3D printing can now be done with sawdust, making it far more environmentally friendly.

There’s also a link to a page on a folding copper bike that someone has made which i thought could be an amazing way to recycle old piping plus it look mint.

Last but not least i came across this image of a car made from Bamboo and Rattan. I dont think it works and is only a concept but thought it was a great way to use site specific materials such as in poorer parts of tropical countries where metal may be harder to come across at an affordable price but where there’s plenty of Bamboo.

Tree-D Printing

Copper Bike

Bamboo Car