Yours Truly…

Just a few short details about me, my life and what i hope to achieve…
I was born in Lambeth, South West London in 1991, moved to Surbiton, Greater London in 1992 and have spent most of my time growing up in the nearest big town to me, Kingston Upon Thames. Growing up was all pretty standard and not a huge amount happened in middle class suburbia as can be expected.
In Sept 2010 i left home to study a Ba(Hons) degree course in “Design” at Leeds Metropolitan University. To this day ive had no regrets about moving to Leeds and think its an amazing town that hopefully over the next few years can offer a lot to me and that i can make the most of. I havnt been here long but felt very welcomed by the whole place and now feel comfortably settled.
Prior to moving to Leeds i studied at Epsom UCA for a foundation diploma in “Art and Design” receiving a distinction and for my A levels i studied at Esher College taking “Double Art and Design”, “Media” and “Philosophy”. I was happy with the grades i got…
I would describe my style of design as clean cut, modern and neat but only in form. When choosing what materials i want to use i would much prefer to use worn in/ reclaimed materials that feel as if they have had a bit of a life already as opposed to something fresh out the box. By using materials like this from the off set not only do i think they look nicer and perform more interestingly but i hope to train myself into using sustainable or green production methods without thinking. In doing this i shouldnt see using these methods as something i have to do but instead as part of what i do.
My ultimate goal as a designer is for whatever i design to be of some use to real people. I dont want to just make “useless” stuff that makes money for some large faceless company but instead am growing to have far more of an interest in solving problems through design and would like to use what i do to positively change the lives of people who i feel i can help directly.
After i graduate from my degree i want to go travelling for a few years so i can put what i have learnt to some good use or can atleast learnt to relate a little more the people in the world that i could hopefully make the most of a difference to. After what use will i be as a designer for people living on the other side of the world if all i know of our planet is one small priveledged, middle class corner.
Artists and designers that have influenced my work so far include Dale Chihuly, Banksy, Piet Hein Eek, Fernando and Humberto Campana, Dieter Rams and Frank Miller. I have no doubt that this list will grow and hope to find out who will join its ranks.
In the free time i get i enjoy drawing (nothing serious, just the doodles and characters that come into my head), listening to Drum&Bass, Reggae, Dubstep and Indie music, reading graphic novels if not so much for the story but for the art and last but not least i love to go raving with my mates (nothing better than going out on a friday night and not coming home until sunday roast!)

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