Re-use and Honesty in Form and Materials

At the moment i have quite a high interest in the idea of re-using materials (particularly stuff that may be a little run down or has some history to it) to make new and interesting products that not only can solve a problem through what they are designed to achieve but also help to solve the problem of material wastage. I say re-use instead of recycle as i think that re-using something as it is not only leads to some more exciting design outcomes but also means that people are more honest with the material and that it is is cared about. Instead of just seen as a bunch of raw components that need to be sorted and re distributed.

The links below i thought were a great example of this being done and thought that what had been produced was actually quite witty and had a humorous side to it. Something id rarely expect from an off the shelf product and even then there would be plenty of others just like it.


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