Just what I was Thinking… (D1.4 follow on)

The latter half of my D1.4 project involved me coming up with an idea for a viral advertisement scheme to get the public interested in the idea of them introducing more sustainable processes and plants  into their daily lives. The aim of doing so was to improve the look of their home and local environment with more greenery and in turn show them how easy it can be for them to achieve what they would of done normally but without any thought to how it could of been done in a more environmentally friendly way.

The viral advertisement scheme i came up with was based around the idea of using “green grafitti” to capture peoples imaginations wasn’t brilliant and could of had a lot more thought put into it. However upon searching through the internet i found these great examples of how people are had gone about improving the environments of others through some truly amazing methods and in turn some truly amazing results.




My favourite of the three despite it being the least to do with plants and growth is the second link which is a sort of anti-graffiti in the sense that paint is taken away instead of being applied. The images created by this technique feel ghostly and almost haunting with them seeming to just  emerge out of the wall. This lead to making me think that they would be a great way to advertise my concept as they are subtle but once noticed are very striking and i would imagine if combined with moss growing techniques from the other links, would be very memorable (could even be endorsed by celebrities wanting to further the concept :D)


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  1. Posted by rupert bozeat on May 10, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    A very impressive project, a huge amount of stimulating research that i hope will inspire later projects. i think the idea of using grown “images” in a similar way to farto’s graffiti is very interesting and well worth pursuing further.


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