Skills Audit

I was having a search through all of the paper work i was handed at the beginning of the year. Most of it was to do with timetabling or what each of the modules for the year would be teaching us, all pretty much general introductory stuff. However within all this paperwork i found a skills audit that we had been asked to fill in but that i had forgotten to hand in. I filled in the half of the audit that had yet to be completed and by the end had a brilliant comparison of the skills i had when i joined the course back in September and then next to them had any improvements i had made of the course of the year.

This is my audit…

Looking at my audit confirmed my thoughts on what i had thought i had learnt during the year and how i thought i had maintained to keep any of the higher marks i had awarded myself. From the audit it can be seen that the main area of improvement was in the CAD and textiles sections which are the areas i had had the least experience in prior to the joining the course. Although having had no experience in these sections beforehand obviously means that the marks are going to go up quickly as soon as i do start learning about the subject it still stands as proof that the course did what it was supposed to of done (what i expected it to do) during the first year which is to give us an overall view of what is to come and to provide us with the necessary basic skills we will need to further ourselves in these areas should we choose to.

Overall looking at this skills audit has put me in a very positive mood and has at least helped me to prove to myself that i have learnt something this year and have furthered myself even if the grade i get at the end of the year doesn’t quite agree with this.


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